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Buy ready art

Order your idea

You can choose anything what hasn't been sold already from my art.

Paintings and drawings are original in one version and not copied. Most of my artworks are framed, ready to hang on your wall.

My 3d artworks also are original, some of them are framed in a traditional way or in glassy boxes. Some of them don't have to be framed, they are more like sculptures.

Digital art can be printed in a maximum of 30 editions on fine quality paper or canvas, whatever you prefer. Next to every artwork is a description with maximum print size, but they can be printed in a smaller size too.

Do you have your own vision of what kind of art you want? Or maybe you know more or less what you need, but are not sure how it will look like? I will help you with pleasure. We will consult what is best for your interior, if it is for your home, a restaurant, hotel or any other space.

If you would like to have a drawn or painted portrait, abstract painting or realistic landscape... Maybe you imagine a mural? It will be great  to create that art from the beginning, just for you. 

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