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Are you ready to change your interior to more attractive and colorful?

When you decide to change your walls, write or call to me and share what is in your mind. Show me the walls you would like to make more attractive and I will take care of it.




Empty walls

First step: I see empty walls you would like to change. I get pictures of the interior.



Project and visual

Second step: when I have the pictures, I make on my computer two or three visualisations of projects and present them to you. When I hear from you "Yes, that is it", I start preparing to paint.



During painting

Third step: now it is my time to make the wall look amazing. From a sketch and project to a big size! Time spent painting depends on the scale and sophistication of the idea. It can be one week or a few weeks.




Fourth step: you can now find yourself  comfortable and refreshed at your original looking interior! Remember, this kind of art is unique and unrepeatable. I feel amazingly satisfied to offer you a great piece of art!


See here more realizations of decorative wall paintings



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