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We are all Cosmic Sparks, children of the cosmos. The whole Universe is infinite, conscious Energy and this is our source, our home.

How do you imagine your cosmic home? How could you paint it?
As a portal? A shining perfect star? Maybe you would express the vision of the infinite Universe as a symbol?

During painting, I will guide you if you would like to, and will give you professional advice on how to paint and draw. The artwork will be yours to keep and your memory from the workshop. You do not have to be a professional painter to come, just make happy your Spirit 

I am a professional artist, painter. I find inspiration in spirituality, dreams, parallel worlds, shamanic knowledge. I am interested in the psychology of Carl Gustav Jung and Arnold Mindell. I also love nature and protect trees through artistic actions.

Cost: £15

Place: Art and Spirituality, 6-8 Alexander Drive, EH11 2RH Edinburgh

How can you get painting or drawing lessons?

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